The Podiatry Bundle (DPN+PAD+WC) offers three individual and evidence-based FDA Cleared modalities to effectively identify and measure diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and UltraMIST® therapy. This comprehensive package includes:

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By investing in the PODIATRY package, healthcare providers can expand their services for lower extremities, enhance their reputation, and ultimately improve patient outcomes, all while streamlining clinical processes. The long-term benefits, including a growing reputation, are truly priceless.

4 Tests, 1 Therapy with 7 Billing Codes

Smarter Tools

The Podiatry Bundle is a meticulously curated collection of medical devices specifically designed to assist healthcare providers in identifying and assessing lower-extremity conditions in individuals with diabetes. These conditions often include diabetic neuropathy, peripheral artery disease (PAD), and other related issues that can profoundly impact a patient's lower limbs. 

This comprehensive package includes a range of diagnostic tools for sensory testing, vascular assessment, and foot health monitoring. These devices are essential for detecting early signs of neuropathy, assessing blood flow, and identifying potential complications like foot ulcers. The bundle empowers healthcare providers to perform comprehensive screenings, gather diagnostic data, and monitor the progression of lower-extremity conditions, ultimately improving patient care and minimizing the risk of complications that could lead to amputations.

The focus on lower-extremity conditions prevalent among diabetes patients makes the PACK an invaluable tool for healthcare providers dedicated to delivering high-quality care and achieving positive patient outcomes in managing diabetes-related foot and leg issues.

Prevent Lower-Extremity Amputations

1. The Diabetic Neuropathy Device™ www.DPNtest.org is a groundbreaking FDA-cleared innovation that serves as a comprehensive solution for identifying and measuring peripheral neuropathy for both large and small fiber neuropathy. This device is a game-changer in the field of diabetic neuropathy, offering a multi-objective approach that enhances precision and accuracy in diagnosis. With this innovative device, healthcare professionals can provide earlier and more effective intervention to patients with diabetic neuropathy, who previously had limited options for treatment. This device is a true breakthrough in medical technology, and it has the potential to significantly improve the lives of those suffering from this debilitating condition.

2. Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a condition that affects the arteries supplying blood to the legs. TruPAD™ www.TruPAD.org is a medical device that can be used to measure and diagnose PAD. This condition occurs when the arteries become narrow or clogged with plaque, which can constrict blood flow. If left untreated, PAD can lead to serious complications, such as leg pain, difficulty walking, and even amputation. However, early detection and treatment can help prevent these complications and improve overall quality of life. Using TruPAD™ is a great way to monitor and manage this condition, and it can be a valuable tool for healthcare professionals and patients alike. 

3. The UltraMIST® therapy is a revolutionary solution in the field of wound care. It utilizes advanced technology to transform the healing process by accelerating tissue repair and enhancing patient outcomes. With its innovative design and precision, UltraMIST® sets a new standard in the field, providing healthcare professionals with a powerful tool to address various wounds effectively. This therapy is capable of promoting optimal healing and is a clear indication of the future of wound care. Embrace the unparalleled capabilities of UltraMIST® therapy and bring a new era of wound healing.

The mission of the Podiatry Bundle transcends mere medical tools; it embodies the collective commitment of healthcare providers and patients to confront diabetes-related lower-extremity challenges head-on. With comprehensive screenings, diagnostic data collection, and regular monitoring, the bundle empowers healthcare professionals to provide care that minimizes the risk of complications and, most crucially, amputations. By investing in the Podiatry Bundle, providers play a pivotal role in enhancing patient care and significantly improving the lives of individuals with diabetes, reaffirming the fundamental principle of comprehensive and compassionate healthcare.

Features of the tests:

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