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NutriNerveĀ® is an EXCLUSIVE and all-natural supplement that helps the body repair itself on a cellular level and was formulated by the internationally renowned endocrinologist and leading expert on diabetic neuropathy, Aaron Vinik MD PhD FCP FACP.Ā 

Aaron Vinik MD PhD FCP FACP is internationally renowned for his research in the areas of hormone-secreting tumors and the chronic complications of diabetes, Dr. Vinik has been invited to present his work all over the world. Recognized as a pioneer and scholar, Dr. Vinik has written eight books and has published more than 450 scientific papers in medical journals, including Diabetes Care, International Journal of Endocrinology, World Journal of Gastroenterology, Diabetologia, Reviews in Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.Ā  Dr. Vinik has received numerous accolades throughout his career from the American College of Physicians, American Diabetes Association, Southern Medical Association, Royal College of Physicians, Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition, and the International Diabetes Federation. Dr. Vinik has received research funding for his studies from the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the Kroc Foundation, and the American Diabetes Association. He is a leader in research on the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathy. He has particular expertise in the area of autonomic diabetic neuropathy, a complex and challenging condition.Ā 

NutriNerveĀ® is a Proprietary Formula for a Healthier Nervous System*

After many decades of scientific research in diabetic neuropathy, Dr. Vinik demonstrated that damaged nerves might be regenerated with the proper nutrients, so he developed, NutriNerveĀ® (nutrients for nerves) to be the best that scientific thinking can offer for neuropathy.Ā 

NutriNerveĀ® was created to provide physicians and clinicians with the leading all-natural antioxidant supplement for relief from all forms of painful neuropathy. Dr. Vinik's proprietary formula helps the body heal itself, thereby reducing the suffering that patients experience with neuropathic pain. Ā 

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Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) has been shown in placebo-controlled randomized studies to improve diabetic neuropathy symptoms. In the SYDNEY 2 trial, there was demonstrated to be a 52% decrease in the amount of pain experienced (including stabbing pain, burning pain, paresthesia, and asleep numbness of the feet) after five weeks of 600 mg ALA [i]. The results of this four-year study show clinically meaningful improvement and delay in the progression of diabetic neuropathy. ALA is also attributed to improving blood flow via vasodilation of the brachial artery [ii].Ā 

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) has been shown to restore nerve conduction velocity in animals that have had a 25% decrease in nerve conduction velocity due to diabetes [iii]. Additionally, it has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, stress, and premenstrual syndrome. GLA is derived from borage seed oil, which has been used to reduce pain and swelling, prevent heart disease, and even protect against stroke.

Gamma-Linolenic Acid (Borage Oil)

Benfotiamine (Vitamin B-1) ā€“ A statistically significant (p = 0.0287) improvement in the neuropathy score was observed in a group given benfotiamine [iv]. It is often prescribed in Germany as a treatment for sciatica and other neuropathic pain complaints.Ā 

Benfotimine (Vitamin B1)

Vitamin D enhances the absorption of important minerals and specifically addresses the vitamin deficiency common to type 1 and 2 diabetes. It has been shown to reduce the severity of diabetic neuropathy. [vi]Ā 

Vitamin B-12 is important to the normal functioning of the nervous system, DNA synthesis and overall metabolism, and has been shown to relieve the symptoms of paraesthesia. Vitamin B-12 restores blood flow which produces myelin synthesis, a fatty substance that protects the nerve fibers. [vii]Ā 

After 2 months of taking NutriNerve I have seen about a 40% improvement in all my Neuropathy symptoms. - Robert Seeherman MD

NutriNerveĀ® was created to provide nutrients to nerves and reduce pain and inflammation, such as:

I had neuropathy in my legs and feet and could barely walk. Dr. Vinik did several things to help me and one recommendation was to take NutriNerve. It helped my nerve endings and I still take it to protect them. Today, I can walk, run and wear high heels! - K. Roach

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Since I started NutriNerve this is the longest I have been without the debilitating nerve pain and pins & needles (more like steak knives & forks) up and down the front of my thighs andĀ  NOTHING, not prescription pain medication, omega fish oils and many other herbal concoctions could touch the pain. Not like NutriNerve. Canā€™t live without it! -T. Wilson

What Causes Neuropathy?

Neuropathic pain is a result of diseased nerves and is not the result of trauma or injury, and it cannot be treated in the same way as normal pain. Dr. Vinik has determined that much of the pain that patients suffering from neuropathic pain and peripheral nerve damage experience is the result of oxidative stress. The nutrients in NutriNerveĀ® work at the cellular level to reduce this oxidative stress and decrease the pain and inflammation that it produces.

Approximately 60% of neuropathy cases are diabetes-related, and about 25% of neuropathy cases are considered idiopathic, which means they are of unknown cause.Ā 

Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy

The remaining cases of neuropathy, called acquired neuropathies, have several possible causes, including:

I am a firm believer in NutriNerve. Since I was put on NutriNerve by my physician, my neuropathy is greatly improved with less numbness and more hot and cold sensation in my feet. - J. Thompson

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take NutriNerveĀ®?

NutriNerveĀ® is recommended for adults age 18 and over and is not recommended for children under the age of 18 or if you are pregnant or nursing.

Can I take NutriNerveĀ® with prescriptions?

While NutriNerveĀ® is a dietary supplement and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, it can be taken as a supplement to and in conjunction with prescriptive treatments to deliver added benefit.

How soon may I see results using NutriNerveĀ®?

Results will depend on your age, gender, weight, height, physical characteristics, diet, and exercise. However, patients report seeing benefits in as soon as 2 months, but at least 4-6 months of uninterrupted use is necessary to gain all of the benefits.

Can I deduct NutriNerveĀ® from my taxes?

Yes, you may deduct the cost of as a medical deduction only if your medical provider recommends NutriNerveĀ® to treat a specific medical condition.*

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