About Us

Medrano & Associates LLC, dba Diabetes Testing Centers™, was started in 2010 and provides turnkey solutions to existing family practice clinics for administering key clinical tests that impact HCC classifications, HEDIS, CAHPS, and STAR Quality Measures. Our company has over 50-years of combined experience in the healthcare sector in Procurement, Sales and Marketing, Advertising, Management, and Consulting. Our trusted leadership team specializes in providing our clients with the resources and solutions to keep up with the current ancillaries market of today. We spend countless hours evaluating products and technologies based on strict criteria of compliance and longevity to offer our clients sustainable, low-risk business models that generate positive revenue. 

Founder and CEO, Daniel Medrano brought his senior leadership experience in sales, marketing, and distribution with medical devices over 25 years ago. His roles have been serving as pharmaceutical, hospital, surgical, and manager with Johnson & Johnson in the Medical Device and Diagnostic division. It was in the OR where he witnessed his first diabetic foot amputation which changed his life and began him asking, “Why did that amputation happen, and was it preventable?” This would later serve as his life's mission to advocate simple, non-invasive, and reimbursable risk assessments for people with diabetes to prevent diabetic foot amputations. It was here where he learned what products and services were available to help people living with diabetes and started his own company with a strict focus on helping medical organizations and small private clinics to compete with the big healthcare institutions that don't offer comprehensive assessments for people living with diabetes. It has been successful in changing minds about how people living with diabetes go underdiagnosed and undertreated.