About Us

Medrano & Associates LLC embarked on its journey in 2010, operating under the banner of Diabetes Testing Centers™ and proudly calling Albuquerque, NM, home. In the past decade, we have come to recognize that diabetes is a pervasive concern that transcends boundaries, affecting lives across diverse backgrounds and walks of life. This global public health challenge has continued to grow, demanding our collective attention.

In the face of this escalating epidemic, diabetes care often appeared to remain entrenched in traditional methods that did not always align with the evolving needs of patients. However, at Diabetes Testing Centers™, we stand as a beacon of change, offering a fresh perspective that can significantly enhance patient outcomes. Our approach goes beyond conforming to established norms; it is rooted in the desire to redefine our approach to the complex challenge of diabetes. To address this intricate condition, we advocate for a comprehensive perspective firmly grounded in modern, evidence-based practices.

Our goal is to deliver a healthcare experience that transcends the typical clinical setting, aiming for improved health outcomes for those living with diabetes. We are committed to a holistic approach that ensures better well-being and quality of life for our patients.

Improving health is not a matter of chance; it's a result of meaningful change, driven by the collaboration between medical providers and the proactive compliance of patients.

What truly sets Diabetes Testing Centers™ apart is our understanding that diabetes is a profoundly individual journey, unique to each person in terms of its manifestations and the complex factors that drive its development. We firmly believe that to address the multifaceted challenges of diabetes effectively, a personalized and comprehensive approach is an absolute necessity. Our innovative concept represents a significant leap forward in the ongoing battle against diabetes. We're not just reimagining diabetes care; we're redefining it. At Diabetes Testing Centers™, we've created a nurturing environment where different medical disciplines come together, pooling their expertise to provide holistic, patient-centric care. In essence, we're tearing down the traditional silos of healthcare because we know that diabetes is a complex, multispecialty disease that deserves a multidisciplinary response. Our vision isn't just a distant dream—it's grounded in the here and now, making modern healthcare accessible through smaller, community-based medical clinics. Here, we've harnessed state-of-the-art technology to empower patients and healthcare providers. This advanced technology facilitates more accurate and efficient testing, enabling healthcare professionals to take a proactive, data-driven approach that can improve patient outcomes. We're not just a healthcare institution but a supportive partner on your journey toward better health.

The use of outdated subjective tools by providers can be attributed to familiarity, tradition, and the need for more user-friendly diagnostics with economic advantages.

Furthermore, having all the assessments and therapies under one roof is at the heart of what we do across all of our Diabetes Testing Centers™. We believe in a personalized approach that considers the whole person, not just their blood sugar levels. Our team includes specialists from various fields, including endocrinology, cardiology, podiatry, ophthalmology, nephrology, and nutrition. Together, we provide a comprehensive response to diabetes care, recognizing the intricate interplay of different bodily systems and their impact on overall health. This collaborative effort ensures our patients receive a well-rounded, patient-centric approach to diabetes care. At Diabetes Testing Centers™, we're not just making promises but leading a transformation in diabetes care. Our commitment to modern, evidence-based practices and our deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of diabetes drive our mission. We aim to lead by example in advancing healthcare by using desegregating communication, advanced technology, and patient-centered care to fight against this common condition. We aim to improve patient outcomes not just for our generation but also for the well-being of future generations, including our children.

Daniel Medrano CEO/Founder

At the heart of our organization lies a profound commitment to redefining the landscape of diabetes care. As a family-based company, we each bring over 25 years of senior leadership experience in sales, marketing, and medical device distribution and a deep-rooted dedication to our mission. Our journey has seen us navigate various roles within the surgical and management sectors, all deeply connected to diabetes care, while at Johnson & Johnson's Diabetes Medical Device and Diagnostic division.

The pivotal moment of our life's journey occurred within the walls of an operating room – when Daniel Medrano, CEO, witnessed a diabetic foot amputation. This experience left an indelible mark on our conscience, igniting a profound question: 'Why did that amputation happen, and was it avoidable?' This question became the cornerstone of our family's life mission – to advocate for simple, non-invasive, and reimbursable risk assessments for individuals with diabetes, with the ultimate goal of preventing diabetic foot amputations.

Throughout our journey, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the assessments and therapies that support people living with diabetes. This profound insight served as the catalyst for us to establish our company. With unwavering dedication, we sought to level the playing field for medical organizations and small private clinics, enabling them to compete effectively with larger healthcare institutions. In doing so, we not only transformed perceptions about the underdiagnosis and undertreatment of people with diabetes but also revealed a staggering statistic: over 70% of patients who undergo amputations have a life expectancy of no more than three years.

This statistic and the countless lives forever altered by diabetes-related morbidities and mortalities are the driving force behind our unwavering commitment. We carry the weight of everyone who deserves a chance at a better, healthier future. Our mission is a testament to those who have faced the devastating consequences of diabetes and an unwavering stand for their unspoken stories. Ultimately, our company aims to create a world where all diabetes-related conditions are no longer life-threatening. By working hand in hand with our local communities, we can transform this vision into a tangible reality.