The CARDIOLOGY Bundle (ANS/HRV+PAD) offers two individual and evidence-based FDA Cleared modalities to effectively identify and measures the autonomic nervous system/heart rate variability (ANS/HRV) and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). This comprehensive package includes:

Plus Bonus Bundle:

By investing in the VASCULAR bundle, healthcare providers can expand their services for lower extremities, enhance their reputation, and ultimately improve patient outcomes, all while streamlining clinical processes. The long-term benefits, including a growing reputation, are truly priceless.

Lifesaving Assessments

The CARDIOVASCULAR Bundle comprises a thoughtfully assembled set of medical devices:

The ANS/HRV is tailored to aid healthcare providers in identifying and evaluating heart failure (HF), Myocardial Infarctions (MI), and stroke risks in the upper extremities. It provides healthcare professionals with a portable and cost-effective solution for testing patients at the point of care, facilitating the detection of early signs of heart dysfunction. This enables effective distribution and guides further assessment (e.g., echocardiography) for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Our TruPAD is specifically designed for lower-extremity conditions in individuals with diabetes, addressing severe symptoms such as 'rest pain' or 'ulceration,' which are indicative of critical limb ischemia and are generally considered serious complications. Additionally, our comprehensive solution encompasses conditions like claudication, loss of protective sensation, and peripheral artery disease (PAD), along with other related issues that can significantly impact a patient's lower limbs. By addressing this spectrum of conditions, our TruPAD offers a thorough assessment to support healthcare providers in delivering tailored care for patients with diverse lower-extremity challenges related to diabetes.

This bundle is handy for healthcare providers who treat vascular upper and lower extremity conditions, common among diabetes patients. It is an essential resource for delivering top-tier care and contributes to achieving positive patient outcomes in managing diabetes-related foot and leg issues, further enhancing healthcare for individuals with diabetes.

Features of the tests:

Prevent Vascular Complications

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