Diabetic Retinopathy

First Handheld AI Fundus Camera


Save Time, Increase Revenue, and Improve Your Quality Measures with the First FDA-Cleared Handheld AI Fundus Camera. This portable device provides accurate and immediate diagnoses for diabetic retinopathy autonomously, eliminating the need to refer patients to a specialist for screenings. This reimbursable procedure consolidates care, closes the diabetic retinopathy care gap, and increases patient outcomes. No eye dilation is required, and any caregiver can perform the test at the point-of-care in less than 60 seconds.

Handheld Eye Screening with AI

The Optomed Aurora AEYE (AI) is the first FDA Cleared AI Fundus Camera. Our pioneering AI fundus camera combines the convenience of a no-start-up-cost model with the clinical excellence of a handheld device. Offering instant screening results directly on the camera display, it enables scalable revenue growth for healthcare providers without the need for fixed imaging setups or cumbersome PC installations, redefining the economics of high-quality diabetic retinopathy screening.

With unparalleled portability and adaptability, our solution sets a new standard in diabetic retinopathy screening that can be performed by any trained healthcare professional during routine patient exams. FDA-cleared and clinically validated, it delivers desktop image quality2 in a handheld device, enabling screenings anywhere and anytime. Our solution is here to close the care-gap and drive significant improvements in patient outcomes and healthcare ratings.

Diabetic Retinopathy is the Most Common Cause of Vision Loss for People with Diabetes

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) standard analytical file “2018 Shared Savings Program ACO Interactive dataset”, Accessed December 23, 2019,

Cutting-Edge Technology to Empower Early Detection

Experience the cutting-edge technology of the Optomed Aurora AEYE, revolutionizing eye care with its AI-powered capabilities. With high-quality imaging and a high-contrast optical design, this portable device ensures desktop image quality wherever you go. It is equipped with Smart Autofocus and Auto Exposure features and requires only one image per eye without dilation, allowing for easy exam process without compromising accuracy, making it the ultimate solution for efficient and effective diabetic retinopathy screening with results in less than 60 seconds. A fundus eye exam is critical to preventing and treating eye conditions that could potentially lead to vision loss like:

95% of Vision Loss Can be Prevented with Early Detection 

Click HERE to See the Video of the AEYE-DS with Aurora in Action

Who We Serve

We look for increased efficiency from frontline disease screening to the most discerning specialists. Our mission is to prevent blindness by improving access to eye screening globally. We strive to become the world-leading provider of handheld fundus cameras and screening solutions for blinding eye diseases.

Primary Care Providers

Annual retinal exams are included in the NCQA HEDIS ratings program, the Medicare Advantage STAR quality rating program and Medicare quality rating programs. By offering diabetic patients an on-the-spot retinal exam as part of their routine visit, PCPs can potentially qualify for financial incentives under these programs. Patients no longer need to have their eyes dilated or make separate appointments with eye care specialists. With these services available in PCP offices, patients have a more convenient way to get their annual retinal exam performed.

We offer PCPs a turn-key solution that includes an easy to operate retinal camera, training for your staff and diagnostic reports integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) for the detection of DR within 60 seconds.

Health Systems/Home Health/Mobile Services

As part of the value-based care framework, reimbursement is now tied directly to patient care. Proactive and preventative care, especially for chronic diseases such as diabetes has become a critical component for health systems and providers. As such, these organizations are directly accountable for improving patient outcomes and quality.

Our tele-retinal screening solution makes it easy for health systems and providers to implement large-scale, highly accessible screening programs in a more cost-effective manner than traditional face-to-face encounters.

Insurance Plans

For health insurance plans, closing gaps in care for people living with diabetes remains a critical priority. The high cost of treatment for diabetic eye disease has a major impact on a health plan’s profitability.

Our mobile screening service offers a proven approach to closing gaps in care for diabetic eye exams as well as A1c/blood sugar, kidney disease monitoring and colorectal cancer screening. We ensure that your diabetic members, particularly the most non-compliant segment of your population, receive the appropriate preventive screenings in the comfort of their home or at organized health fair events.

Our mobile screening solution improves HEDIS scores and STAR ratings and lowers costs through better disease detection and care management.


We are enhancing fundus examination in neurology. Ocular fundus examination is a crucial part of the neurological examination for patients experiencing headaches, hypertensive crises, or acute neurological deficits. The Optomed handheld fundus camera allows for fundus imaging without the need for pupil dilation, and non-physician staff can reliably capture images.

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