Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

Over 20, 000 clients and over 250,000 healthcare employees nationwide depend on MediGroup to negotiate the best prices, provide predictable cost containment, and enhance physicians’ purchasing power with hospital-like discounts.

MediGroup: Single Largest Non-Acute Care Group Purchasing Organization in the U.S.

MediGroup leads in Focused Group Purchasing. We have curated a focused portfolio of suppliers offering savings and healthcare expertise tailored to the needs of our members. Our commitment is not just to the present, but to the future. We are dedicated to helping our members build towards the future, ensuring continuity of care for each customer in the years ahead.

MediGroup stands out as the Specialty GPO, offering a diverse variety of competitive contracts with savings solutions that are uniquely tailored to benefit healthcare businesses. With a rich history of serving the Healthcare Industry since 1999, MediGroup has been a trusted partner for physician practices, surgery centers, and other non-acute care oriented medical facilities. Over the past 25 years, we have helped our members find the necessary supplies and services to serve their respective patients. Our extensive experience has allowed us to establish an increasingly diverse list of members, including surgical centers, physician practices or other non-acute medical facilities. These members represent a wide range of medical specialties, such as family practice, internal medicine, ENT, rheumatology, oncology, neurology, dermatology, pediatric medicine, radiology, ophthalmology, podiatry and many more.

With more members joining us every day, MediGroup is continuously expanding to better support an ever-growing section of the healthcare industry. We not only provide our members with real-life expertise and savings help but also serve as a bridge between various offices and organizations, fostering vital communications and interactions. Join us in this dynamic and evolving community.

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