Digital Cognitive Assessments

Our Cognitive Assessment is a digital solution for medical practices and health systems help providers detect early signs of cognitive monitoring. The test is a self-administered test that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and has been clinically validated to evaluate eight (8) domains of the brain for cognitive dysfunction. The evaluation provides normal ranges for age and gender that is self-administered by the patient and tracks longitudinal results for monitoring. 

Cognitive Testing For Baby Boomers

This type of testing shows how well your brain is working. It shows if you have problems with thinking, learning and remembering. If a cognitive test shows that you have a problem, more testing will be needed.

Digital Cognitive Assessment

Diabetes Testing Centers™ recognizes the significance of comprehensive assessments for people managing diabetes. Until now, there has been a gap between primary care providers who can conduct cognitive assessments and patients who require such assessments. Many physicians are often unaware of cognitive impairments in more than 40 percent of their cognitively impaired patients, and studies indicate that most dementia patients have never undergone clinical cognitive evaluations. Our newest offering is a digital Cognitive Assessment that simplifies the process of administering point-of-care tests to patients for medical assistants and technicians. This streamlines the process for medical providers, enabling them to quickly review the results with patients, making it a hassle-free experience.  

A simple Thinking Ability Changes (TAC) Questionnaire can reveal various cognitive functions and mental health conditions, and it should be conducted every 3-6 months. Identifying changes in thinking abilities can help identify cognitive impairment, neurological conditions, mental health disorders, or other underlying health issues that may require further evaluation and treatment. Any of the following questions could be asked to potential candidates:

1. Have you noticed any changes in your ability to concentrate or focus on tasks over the last few years?

2. Do friends or family tell you that you have forgotten things they have told you?

3. Do you sometimes have trouble finding the right words when speaking?

4. Is it harder to concentrate and lose your train of thought more often than before?

Overall, a TAC Questionnaire can be valuable in various settings to assess cognitive function, detect changes in thinking abilities, and guide appropriate interventions or referrals as needed. Note: Tablets are strongly recommended for digital assessments.  

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Little to No Workflow

Diabetes Testing Centers™ recognizes the critical importance of cognitive assessments for individuals with diabetes. As part of our comprehensive approach to diabetes care, we offer turnkey cognitive assessments to support healthcare providers in delivering high-quality care. Here's how Diabetes Testing Centers™ provides these assessments:

By providing turnkey cognitive assessments, Diabetes Testing Centers™ empowers healthcare providers to address the cognitive health needs of individuals with diabetes comprehensively. This approach supports the overall well-being of patients and enhances the quality of care in diabetes management.

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