Provider Bundles

In our ongoing dedication to providing accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions, we've taken consideration in curating three distinct bundles that incorporate our proprietary products. Each of these bundles is thoughtfully designed to address specific healthcare requirements and align with the national guidelines and reimbursement eligibility standards. We aim to simplify the process of selecting the right package and to enhance the clarity of what we offer. Through these purpose-built bundles, we're dedicated to making our healthcare solutions more user-friendly, ensuring that healthcare providers can confidently choose the options that best suit their specific needs and patient populations.

#1. The PODIATRY bundle represents a meticulously designed package focusing on the critical aspects of lower-extremity health in diabetic patients. At its core lies the remarkable Diabetic Neuropathy Deviceā„¢, a groundbreaking innovation in diabetes care. This device has the unique capability to identify and measure both small and large nerve fibers, providing a comprehensive neuropathy assessment. By harnessing its power, healthcare providers can gain valuable insights into the patient's nerve health, allowing for early detection and intervention in cases of neuropathy.Ā 

Complementing this cutting-edge technology, the PODIATRY bundle also integrates the TruPADā„¢, an advanced tool specializing in peripheral arterial disease (PAD) testing. Combining these two devices empowers healthcare professionals with a comprehensive set of tools to diagnose and manage neuropathy and vascular issues. This proactive approach to patient care not only enhances the quality of healthcare provided but also plays a significant role in reducing the risk of severe complications that often accompany diabetes. By embracing the PODIATRY bundle, healthcare providers are better equipped to safeguard their patients' lower-extremity health, contributing to improved patient outcomes and overall well-being.

#2. The PRIMARY CARE bundle is a robust choice that places a pivotal emphasis on cardiovascular health, encompassing a comprehensive approach designed to evaluate the risk factors associated with heart attacks and strokes. At its core, this bundle is fortified by including the ANS/HRV, a state-of-the-art tool that excels in cardiovascular screening, providing valuable insights into the patient's autonomic nervous system and heart rate variability. Alongside this powerful instrument, the PRIMARY bundle features two other crucial components: the Diabetic Neuropathy Deviceā„¢ and the TruPADā„¢.Ā 

This combination of cutting-edge technologies equips healthcare professionals with the means to conduct all-encompassing assessments that can unearth potential cardiac and vascular concerns. By doing so, it enables the early detection of any emerging issues, facilitating prompt intervention and the delivery of highly personalized care tailored to each patient's unique needs. With the PRIMARY bundle, healthcare providers can empower themselves to make a difference in cardiovascular health, ensuring their patients receive the utmost attention and the best possible outcomes.

#3. The MULTISPECIALTY bundle is the pinnacle of our comprehensive offerings, encompassing various diagnostic assessments from head to toe. Not only does it feature all the critical components found in the PRIMARY bundle, including the highly effective ANS/HRV, DPN, PAD, assessments, but it also goes the extra mile by introducing the diabetic retinopathy exam (DRE). This particular examination is highly sought-after and endorsed by various insurance payors, making it a pivotal addition to the Diabetes Testing Centersā„¢ suite of services. The DRE plays a crucial role in diabetes screening, aligning with NCQA HEDIS rating plans, Medicare Advantage STAR, and Medicare quality rating programs. By incorporating the DRE into routine check-ups, healthcare providers can identify potential retinal issues early, facilitating timely interventions to prevent the onset of blindness.

One of the remarkable aspects of the DRE is its ability to offer patients an opportunity to qualify for financial incentives beyond conventional reimbursements. This approach not only ensures top-tier healthcare but also eliminates the need for patients to go through the inconvenience of getting their eyes dilated or scheduling separate appointments with eye care specialists. By making these services readily available within primary care providers and multi-specialist offices, we have streamlined the process for patients, enabling them to undergo their annual retinal exams conveniently and efficiently. This integration fosters a patient-centric approach to diabetes care, promoting early detection and reducing the burden on diabetes patients.


These meticulously crafted bundles represent a significant leap forward in simplifying the process for our valued healthcare providers. They are designed to offer a seamless, turnkey experience, eliminating the complexities associated with individually selecting assessments. In a world where healthcare professionals are inundated with various patient needs and practice demands, our bundles serve as a beacon of simplicity and convenience.

Rather than navigating the maze of individual assessments, including our allergy services, cognitive care plans, home sleep tests, and more, our healthcare providers now have the liberty to choose the bundle that harmonizes most seamlessly with their unique patient population and practice focus. This streamlined approach not only saves precious time but also ensures that every assessment is a precise fit for the specific healthcare needs and objectives of each provider. By offering these tailored bundles, Diabetes Testing Centersā„¢ continues to empower healthcare professionals to thrive in their mission of providing exceptional care while eliminating the intricacies of selecting individual assessments.


We must emphasize that each of our bundled packages is designed flexibly. While they encompass a range of essential diagnostic tools, they also retain the capacity to integrate complementary therapies, such as our cutting-edge UltraMISTā„¢ for wound care, patient education, and vascular rehab, and more.


Incorporating these therapies goes beyond the traditional bounds of diagnostics, allowing healthcare providers to offer a more holistic and comprehensive approach to patient care. This means that with Diabetes Testing Centersā„¢, healthcare professionals can expand the scope of their services, addressing not only the diagnostic aspect but also actively contributing to the well-being of their patients. By harnessing the potential of these additional therapeutic tools, providers can further improve patient outcomes, enhance the overall quality of care, and potentially witness a significant boost in their practice's revenue. It's a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing diabetes care and ensuring that healthcare providers have all the tools they need to make a profound and lasting impact on their patient's health and lives.


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