Wound & Aesthetics

Wounds and Aesthetics

UltraMIST® therapy is a painless, no-contact, low-frequency, ultrasound therapy that has been clinically proven to promote healing across a wide range of chronic and acute wounds. 

Primary Care and Wound Care

Primary care providers should consider using the UltraMIST® System before referring more complicated wounds to wound care clinics. This clinically proven, easy-to-use, portable, and painless advanced wound care technology is painless and can jump-start cellular healing and reduce inflammation, bacteria, and biofilms while promoting perfusion and vasodilation. The best part is that the system uses saline to deliver the ultrasound to the wound site without direct contact with the tissue, making it a non-invasive and safe option for patients. Patient satisfaction is high and outcomes are excellent.

Healthcare professionals have widely used the UltraMIST® System for over a decade and have shown remarkable results in shortening the time to wound closure, preventing recurrence, and reducing pain. A vast array of clinical evidence supports the effectiveness of this treatment. By incorporating the UltraMIST® System in their practice, primary care providers can provide their patients with cutting-edge wound care treatment backed by clinical data, thus improving patient outcomes and saving them the trouble of visiting wound care clinics for more complicated wounds.

Benefits of UltraMIST:

The mobile unit fits seamlessly within your office and clinic work flows and improves patient satisfaction.

The UltraMIST®  System reduces and removes many bacteria, including biofilms, while preserving healthy structures.  

Clinical Benefits of UltraMIST® Therapy

In the clinical realm, UltraMIST® therapy has proven to be a valuable tool in treating various chronic and acute wounds. This non-contact, painless approach accelerates the healing process, minimizing the risk of infection and scarring while promoting tissue regeneration. Additionally, UltraMIST® aids in managing inflammation and controlling bacteria, contributing to better wound care outcomes. Clinical studies consistently demonstrate the therapy's positive impact on wound closure rates and patients' overall well-being, making it an essential addition to modern wound management practices. Its ease of use, patient comfort, and substantial clinical benefits have solidified UltraMIST® as an indispensable component of advanced wound care strategies, ultimately improving the quality of life for individuals dealing with challenging skin conditions and wounds.


Administered by trained healthcare personnel to thousands of patients for more than a decade and supported by a vast array of clinical evidence, the UltraMIST® System’s acoustic wave therapy promotes healing by controlling inflammation and reducing bacteria in the wound bed while increasing angiogenesis. Further, promoting healing increases perfusion through vasodilation, ultimately increasing oxygen and nutrients in the tissue.

Indications include, but are not limited to, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, and surgical, burn, and deep tissue injuries.

By activating the body’s normal regeneration process, the UltraMIST® System offers significant wound healing advantages. First, it reduces barriers to healing by reducing bacterial overgrowth, disrupting bacterial biofilms, and controlling inflammation. At the same time, UltraMIST® System therapy promotes healing through vasodilation and by accelerating angiogenesis. A meta-analysis of clinical evidence in cases including diabetic foot, ischemic, neuropathic, venous, multifactorial, pressure, surgical, and traumatic ulcers shows that wound closure increased from 24% with standard care to 42% with UltraMIST® use over a 12-week interval.

To accelerate wound healing even more, in between the UltraMIST® System treatments, other standard or advanced wound therapies may be incorporated into the treatment plan — at the discretion of the wound care professional. The result? Faster relief and better quality of life for your patients with less time and resources on costly treatments that don’t work. These savings make the UltraMIST® System a financially viable solution for the patient, the provider, and the healthcare system.

UltraMIST® achieved an 85% Area Reduction in 7 weeks across a wide range of chronic and acute wounds 

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