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Since 2010, Diabetes Testing Centers™ has recognized that while elevated blood glucose levels are a hallmark of diabetes, the implications 'go beyond blood sugars' alone. Diabetes and its related conditions can lead to a range of serious health complications, including cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, and vision problems, to name a few. By focusing on comprehensive diabetes care, we aim to address these broader health issues, providing advanced technology and innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of life for individuals with diabetes. 

Our screening services enhance healthcare access when providers are overbooked. We offer convenience by bringing health services to communities, workplaces, and homes, ensuring early detection of conditions that have morbidity and mortality risks. This approach saves patients time, reduces long-term costs to health plans, and eases the burden on healthcare providers. 

Reverse Diabetes-Related Conditions

Diabetes Screening Services™

Our latest addition to our suite of healthcare solutions - Diabetes Screening Services™. This service is designed to offer valuable support to medical clinics in addition to our flagship, Diabetes Testing Centers™, an insurance-based service providing essential screening services and enhancing the scope of diabetes-related care. Diabetes Screening Services™ is a cash-based service focusing on health screening, particularly diabetes and its associated comorbidities. Our services utilize state-of-the-art technology at the point of care, with each screening taking only 5-10 minutes or less. We believe that through collaboration and innovation, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by diabetes, positively impacting their family and friends. 

We extend an open invitation to healthcare systems, medical providers, and employers to participate and witness the health improvements.  Our journey spans over 25 years and has been dedicated to creating and refining our programs. We have utilized our expertise, resources, and unwavering commitment to craft solutions that can transform the healthcare landscape. We invite you to be an integral part of this transformative journey. Together, we can create a healthcare ecosystem that is stronger, more comprehensive, and entirely diabetic-centric. This is a chance to team up, learn from one another, and significantly impact healthcare outcomes. Join us as we redefine healthcare for the better through:

Diabetes Testing Services™ is a specialized healthcare service that goes beyond blood sugars to provide awareness, education, and support for individuals with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes. These services aim to improve diabetes management, prevent complications, and enhance the overall well-being of those they serve.

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Custom Screening Packages

Our screening devices are FDA-cleared, evidence-based tools that are widely used in medical clinics throughout the U.S. These devices ensure accurate and reliable assessments of diabetes-related conditions, which support early detection and effective management. By integrating advanced technology into traditional and mobile health screenings, we enhance the capacity of healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive diabetes care, ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Our commitment to rigorous standards and clinical validation underscores the trust that healthcare professionals place in our solutions. 

Alzheimer's & Dementia | Cardiovascular Disease | Painful Neuropathy

1. BASIC Screening (Pick 2 of 3): 

   - Perfect for patients with well-controlled diabetics/pre-diabetics

2. PREMIUM Screening (Pick 4 of 5):

   - Suitable for patients with moderate to high-risk conditions (upper and lower-extremity screenings)

3. BUSINESS Screening (Pick 2):

   - Ideal for businesses.

Educational Workshops: We provide on-demand video education for diabetes and related conditions in English and Spanish. We can also bring in speakers such as pharmacists, nutritionists, and medical providers to discuss alternative and non-pharmaceutical products for therapies.

NOTE: These services not only ensure regular monitoring and early detection of complications but also empower people to take an active role in managing their health. Schedule below to learn more.

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