CMS Tilt Table

Bariatric Table Tilts up to 600 lbs.

CMS Testing Tilt Table

Note: Our NEW Tilt Table meets the CMS Requirements. Autonomic Function Testing (A57551), revised on 01/01/22, is for billing codes 95921-95924. Our table's standard features include electric elevation (50% tax credit), electric tilt (Trendelenburg), and two section cushion top with a lift-back section for seated or fully horizontal positioning. 

Product(s): Available

Finance: $599/Month

Get up to $5,000.00 off with ADA Tax Credit

Our CMS Tilt Table meets the CMS Guidelines for billing codes 95921-95924, Vascular Diagnostics, Doppler Ultrasounds, Cardiology Procedures, and Echocardiogram Testing. 

The table comes standard with a two-foot pedal assembly for electric height and tilt. The electric-powered Trendelenburg feature tilts in both directions, positive and negative, with options for adding a seatbelt and matching footboard for patient safety and comfort. The lift-back cushion is a manual-pneumatic power-assisted control for quick patient positioning. Electric power is available to the lift back cushion, which will add an additional foot pedal to the pedal assembly for hands-free control. Our table is equipped standard with a bi-directional tilt of the entire tabletop, all controlled with a foot pedal. The standard model tilts at 20° in both directions with an optional 30° tilt available. 

Built for patients weighing up to 600-lbs. 


Build on the base model with popular options like an electric lift back cushion, fold-down 2 ft side rails, seatbelt, or plug-in footboard for patient security. Echocardiogram users may benefit from the Fold-Down Echo Window option (shown) for the tabletop. 




Product Specs:

Electric Height 26" - 39" (24" - 34" option)

Dimensions 27"W x 75"L (30" & 32"W option)

Tilt Degree 20° Positive / 20° Negative (30° option)

Foam 2.5" Ultra-Cell in Medium Density

Product Weight 230lbs.

Lifting Capacity 500lbs.

Mfg Warranty 1 Year Warranty On All Parts


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