Behavioral Counseling

Medicare Reimbursable

Behavioral Counseling

Diabetes Testing Centers™ offers Behavioral Counseling for Obesity, Smoking Cessation, Alcohol Misuse, and more which are often more detrimental to people with Prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

In late 2011, CMS started covering four screening and behavioral assessments for alcohol misuse, depression, sexually transmitted infections, and obesity for Medicare patients - all of which must be provided by a primary care setting. Today, these screening and behavioral assessments may be provided for the following:

  • Advanced Care Planning (99497/99498)

  • Alcohol Misuse (G0442)

  • Alcohol Behavioral Counseling (G0443)

  • Annual Wellness Visit (G0438)

  • Subsequent Annual Wellness Visit (G0439)

  • Behavioral Counseling STI (G0445)

  • Cardiovascular Disease (G0446)

  • Chronic Care Management* (99490/99439)

  • Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan (99483)

  • Depression (G0444)

  • Tobacco Cessation (99407)

We have a limited capacity to offer this to very select clients and their patients. If interested, please contact us below to discuss your need in greater detail.

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