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Diabetes & Allergies

Allergies, COVID, or the Flu? This is the question people ask themselves when they start sneezing but how can you know for sure unless you offer testing and treatments for all of them...

Allergies, COVID, or the Flu?

Allergies, COVID, and the Flu have different levels of concerns, especially for people with diabetes. Allergies themselves may not affect blood glucose, but medications to treat allergies can. Almost all medications whether over the counter or prescribed may impact blood sugar. Medication side effects such as drowsiness, hyperactivity, nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness impact blood sugar.

Diabetes can alter the body’s immune system and reaction to both allergy symptoms and allergy medications. Even on a good day, keeping blood sugar levels where they should be, getting enough sleep, staying disciplined with medications or insulin along with exercise can be challenging. What about the days when we are not feeling well? Treating allergies in the elderly can come with many challenges if you don’t know where to start. While allergies affect almost every one of different ages, the conditions are more common in elders than young people. The age-related changes in the seniors’ immune systems leave them more vulnerable to allergic reactions.


We Offer a Turnkey Allergy Service to Medical Practices. Allergic rhinitis is considered a rising epidemic with one in five Americans seeking medical relief. Consider adding Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy to your primary care practice.

  • Reimbursed through insurance

  • Training, equipment, and just-in-time inventory to your practice

  • All-natural, customized extracts

  • FDA approved treatments

  • Test for 58 most common airborne allergens in approximately 15-minutes

  • Life-long freedom from airborne allergies for your patients

Patients prefer to consolidate services with their primary care providers to oversee their total care. Diagnosing and treating airborne allergies in your clinic is within your scope of practice. This is an opportunity to consolidate patient care increase patient satisfaction and revenue to the practice.

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Major Causes

  • Allergy Symptoms

  • Diabetes

Get Tested If

  • You have PreDiabetes, T1, T2, or Gestational

Competitive Advantages

  • Point-of-Care Testing

  • Improve Your Quality HEDIS/STAR Ratings

  • Providers Real-Time Results

  • Maximizes Patient and Provider Engagement

  • Improves Patient Satisfaction

  • Helps Drive Cost Containment and Office Efficiency

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