COVID-19 + Flu A + Flu B

3-in-1 Test

(4 bill codes)

Diabetes & COVID-19 + Flu A & B

Rapid Point-of-Care Immunoassay for Diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2, Influenza Type A, and Influenza Type B from Anterior Nasal and Nasopharyngeal Swab Specimens.

✓ Visual band signal for positives (see right)

✓ Pre-measured unit-dose reagent (no counting drops)

✓ Entire test procedure prep is < 2 minutes

✓ Read test results at 15-minutes

✓ Anterior nasal swab specimens

Similar Symptoms But Different Viruses

(Earn up to 80% More than COVID-Only Tests)

• COVID-19 - Anterior Nasal - Sensitivity 93.8%, Specificity 100%

Nasopharyngeal -Sensitivity 93.1%, Specificity 100%

• Flu A - Sensitivity 91.4%, Specificity 95.7%

• Flu B - Sensitivity 87.6%, Specificity 95.9%

• FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

• Visually read in 15-minutes

• Flocked swabs for superior specimen collection and patient comfort

• Minimum order is only 25-tests at a cost of $21.00 per test

• Testing can be performed under a CLIA Certificate of Waiver

Quick 3-Step Process

Estimated reimbursement (Medicare National Average Payments):

➢COVID-19 test 87811QW $41.38

➢Flu A test 87804QW $16.55

➢Flu B test 87804QW $16.55

➢Test Administration (if not seen by a provider) 99211 $23.03

Reimbursement of $97.51 minus $21.00 per test = $76.51

ROI does not include variable costs, such as shipping and labor


The COVID-19 + Flu A&B provides healthcare professionals with a fast and easy way of obtaining accurate COVID-19/Flu A&B results with just a fingerstick. This innovative technology enables clinicians to communicate face-to-face with patients about their diabetes control in minutes, not days.

  • More efficient than the lab

  • Results in 15-minutes

  • Portable – use in multiple exam rooms

  • Easy to use – minimal training required

  • Available in 25-count minimum

  • No maintenance

  • Available with CLIA Waived Certificate

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