LIVE Behavioral Counseling

Medicare Reimbursable

Limited Availability!

Behavioral Counseling

Diabetes Testing Centers™ offers LIVE Cognitive Assessments & Care Plans, Behavioral Counseling for Obesity, Smoking Cessation, Alcohol Misuse, and more.

No Hired Staff Required!

Trained Staff Provided

In late 2011, CMS started covering four screening and behavioral assessments for alcohol misuse, depression, sexually transmitted infections, and obesity for Medicare patients - all of which must be provided by a primary care setting. Today, the screenings and behavioral assessments are provided by us and our trained staff to save providers time and complete the necessary screenings (with or without video assistance) for the following:

  • Advanced Care Planning (99497/99498)

  • Alcohol Misuse (G0442)

  • Alcohol Behavioral Counseling (G0443)

  • Annual Wellness Visit (G0438)

  • Subsequent Annual Wellness Visit (G0439)

  • Behavioral Counseling STI (G0445)

  • Cardiovascular Disease IBT (G0446)

  • Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan (99483)

  • Depression (G0444)

  • Obesity IBT (G0447)

  • Tobacco Cessation (99407)

We have a limited capacity to offer this to very select clients and their patients. If interested, please contact us below to discuss your need in greater detail.

No Hired Staff Required!

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