Diabetes and Telehealth

Telehealth is Healthcare Delivered Via Technology - Usually Over the Telephone or by Video Using Software like Skype or Zoom. Telehealth Allows Patients to Access Healthcare from their Homes.

Telehealth for Prevention

Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are the greatest benefactors of diabetes care and have an important role in the management of diabetes and diabetes-related complications by consolidating our evidence-based tools and technologies at work or at home.

Diabetes Testing Centers™ supervise hundreds of Medicare billing codes for point-of-care assessments and therapies for people living with diabetes-related conditions. We can deliver full-service, white-labeled clinical support to organizations scaling virtual care services across the nation with the vision to bring medical providers anywhere, our solutions are thoughtfully designed to simplify telehealth delivery across an expansive array of specialties, in all 50 states. We offer the following:

Regulatory and Legal

  • Offer virtual care legally in all 50 states

  • Dramatically reduce time-to-market service

  • Leave finance, compensation, credentialing, licensing, legal, and compliance with our expert team

  • Eliminate stressors and unnecessary risks

Provider Staffing

  • Optimize the way you hire and scale

  • Network of tough-to-fill provider types

  • Thorough vetting & clinician nurturing

  • Rapid ramp-up that evolves with demand

Clinician Licensing and Credentialing

  • Rapid licensing & credentialing for your own or clinical-sourced providers

  • Competitive pricing, optional financing, no hidden fees

  • Reviews and maintenance on licenses, CME & CAQH

  • Blend async and sync care

Payer Coverage/Revenue Cycle Management

  • Upgrade from cash payments to covered care with 600+ insurance plans

  • Everything from the first visit to the final payment

  • Dedicated audit and billing teams

  • Guaranteed submission accuracy

Practice Management

  • Comprehensive administrative services

  • Avoid hiring, training, and managing employees

  • Offload scheduling, insurance verification, code capture, pre-authorization & renewals, patient record management, workflows, and performance reporting

  • Achieve next-level practice growth

$1 in $4 of US Health Care Costs is Spent on Caring for People Living with Diabetes.

When to Consider Telehealth

For Startup Clinics

Our clinical team enables the growth of all sizes so your patients can receive top medical care

Need for Specialists

We make it possible to create new service lines dedicated to chronic care management with our network of credentialed specialists

Strategic Branding

We partner with leading organizations to enable telemedicine visits for their customers

National Expansion

We manage licenses for clinicians across all fifty (50) states so you can scale your services and support new patients

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