Hearing Loss

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Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Free Hearing Tests! More than 2x as many diabetics (21%) have hearing loss compared to non-diabetics (9%). Hearing loss is also tied to a 3x higher incidence of injury-causing fall risks.

Don't Neglect Hearing Loss

Untreated hearing loss can profoundly affect a patient's overall health and quality of life. Studies show that it has a strong link to many prevalent health conditions, such as:

  • Low-frequency hearing loss is an early marker for higher-risk cardiovascular disease and stroke

  • Cognitive brain function, especially in the elderly, is associated with dementia

  • 3x higher fall risks

  • 2x higher in diabetics

  • Depression, anxiety, paranoia, hypertension, and others

Early detection provides a better quality of life. Encourage patients to get all their preventive services.

Hearing Model Overview

Our services partner with primary care practices across the U.S. by renting an exam room a set number of days per week to provide complimentary hearing services to their patients.

Benefits to Practice:

• No cost to practice or patient and no billing of insurance for hearing services

• Service covers all equipment and labor costs

• Enables practices to provide additional services on-site

• Not disruptive to the office or patient flow

• A more holistic approach to patient care

Benefits to Patient:

• Convenient access to hearing healthcare services at their PCP office

• Reduces unnecessary referrals

• Reduces patient's overall cost of care

• Improves overall quality of life through early detection and treatment of hearing loss

Room Rental Model:

1 day per week exam room rental = $1,000 / mo.

2 days per week exam room rental = $1,667 / mo.

3 days per week exam room rental = $2,500 / mo.

4 days per week exam room rental = $3,333 / mo.

5 days per week exam room rental = $4,167 / mo.

(Exam room or equivalent size, approx. 10’x10’)

Qualifying Practice Profile:

• Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Geriatric

• Daily patient visits = 20+

• Patient panel consists of 1,200+ patients age 65+

• Can generate five (5) hearing tests per weekday (prescheduled and same-day referrals)

• Low to No Medicaid

Free Hearing Test for Every Patient

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