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Diabetes & Nail Fungus

Diabetic Nail Services Defend Against Fall Risks and Are Always Under Medical Supervision. 


The increased prevalence of fall risks in older adults may be related to Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetic Neuropathy or Peripheral Arterial Disease, and Immunologic Disorders. Onychomycosis accounts for 50% of nail disorders and may occur in patients with distorted nails, a history of nail trauma, genetic predisposition, hyperhidrosis, concurrent fungal infections, and psoriasis. It is also more common in smokers and in those who use occlusive footwear. Risk factors for developing fungal infections of the toenails include:

• 10% prevalence in the general population (worldwide)

• 30% prevalence in people older than 60-years and 

• 50% prevalence in people older than 70-years

More Than Nail Care

For 'high risk' patients, it is essential to note that poor blood flow to the feet may cause scrapes and bruises, which may become infected more easily. Diminished feeling in the toes and feet may cause falls risks or other injuries. Our medical nail services include the inspection of the toes, nails, and feet for discoloration, swelling, redness, warmth, cuts, scrapes, corns, calluses, or other abnormal changes. Our Diabetic Nails Services include:

• Checking the bottom of the feet for cuts or wounds

• Identify more severe lower-extremity issues

• Improved foot function and fall prevention

• Trimming, cutting, and clipping of nails

• Hygiene and infection prevention care

• Educate patients on foot and nail self-care

Check patients for diabetic neuropathy

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