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Diabetes Testing Centers™ is the World's First American Virtual Diabetes Clinic. We are both an established 'brick-and-mortar' clinic and a 'virtual clinic' located throughout North America, with plans to exponentially increase the number of locations through 2025. Our products and services are eligible by CMS and commercia insurances throughout the U.S. 

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We are thrilled to introduce our mobile testing service to our valued resellers! As a reseller, you can invest in our cutting-edge products and extend testing services to clinics serving your community. It's not about selling our products but about empowering you to bring assessments that otherwise would not be accessible to people with diabetes to multiple clinics. However, to become a licensed Diabetes Testing Center™ with mobile testing capabilities (aka Diabetes Testing Services™), you must invest in the required equipment. We understand financing may be a concern and are here to support you; we offer in-house financing options, ensuring accessibility for resellers like you and your affiliated clinics. Your role as a reseller is pivotal. You will be responsible for scheduling and conducting tests at various clinics based on your availability and strategic planning. This collaborative arrangement opens up an additional revenue stream and enhances the accessibility of our testing services, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

Explore this exciting opportunity to establish state-of-the-art Diabetes Testing Centers™ or invest in our cutting-edge Diabetes Testing Services™, addressing the growing demand for comprehensive diabetes care and diagnostics in today's evolving healthcare landscape. Our proprietary products and services empower healthcare providers to deliver multispecialty solutions within their clinics, covering a broad spectrum of patient needs. Since 2010, we've proudly served as the preferred ancillary partner for over 800 medical clinics across the United States. Our flexible business model accommodates a range of options, from individual products and services to fully staffed medical clinics. Investors can confidently start with highly reimbursable assessments, progressively boosting practice revenue. Join us in revolutionizing diabetes care and diagnostics!

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Our Concept is Simple

Our company has over 60 years of combined experience in the healthcare sector in Procurement, Sales and Marketing, Advertising, Management, and Consulting. Our trusted leadership team specializes in providing our clients with the resources and solutions to keep up with the current diabetes market today. We spend countless hours evaluating products and technologies based on strict criteria of compliance and longevity to offer our clients sustainable, low-risk business models that generate positive revenue. 

We are a self-funded medical-risk assessment company that has identified the most common comorbidities in people living with diabetes and uses reimbursable proprietary products and services. Our products and services are designed to function inside primary care clinics catering to the aged, and disabled beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage health plans. Since 2010, the company has become North America's largest wholesaler of diabetes-related products and services, offering quick, non-invasive, point-of-care patient tests. The company partners with leading manufacturers and organizations that improve clinical outcomes using Objective and Evidence-Based products and services that are Value-Based Care. 

License our Diabetes Testing Centers with products and services customized for each patient's needs, and we'll provide you the equipment, protocols, billing support, and consulting services to ensure a profitable and successful program

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