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Our Diabetes Education platform features a proprietary video-based program to standardize English and Spanish patient education. With an extensive library exceeding 2,000 patient education videos, we empower healthcare professionals to communicate diabetes-related topics to their patients effectively. Available On-Demand, allows clients to seamlessly integrate videos into their offices or websites for public display in English and Spanish, complete with Closed Captions (CC). 

Over 2,000 Education Videos and Flyers

Explore the transformative world of over 2,000 on-demand patient videos tailored to your medical practice.

Affordable Diabetes Education

The Diabetes Testing Centers™ patient education platform revolutionizes how patients engage with their health, providing on-demand video content in English and Spanish. From understanding diabetes-related conditions to making informed decisions, patients can take charge of their well-being with our comprehensive educational resources – because informed patients are healthier, happier, and in control. 

Elevate your staff training experience with our on-demand education videos, offering the flexibility, accessibility, and consistency needed. Enjoy the benefits of cost-efficient, scalable, and engaging learning that allows your team to learn at their own pace. Track progress effortlessly, reinforce knowledge, and save valuable time with a comprehensive solution designed for a dynamic and growing workforce. Invest in effective staff development—transforming education into empowerment. Having on-demand education videos for staff offers several advantages:

1. Flexibility: Staff members can access educational content at their convenience, allowing them to learn at their own pace and schedule.

2. Accessibility: On-demand videos can be accessed from anywhere, providing a convenient learning experience for staff members regardless of location.

3. Consistency: Standardized educational content ensures that all staff members receive the same information and training, promoting consistency in knowledge and practices.

4. Cost-Efficiency: On-demand videos reduce the need for in-person training sessions, saving both time and resources associated with traditional training methods.

5. Review and Reinforcement: Staff can revisit the videos for review and reinforcement, enhancing the retention of critical information.

6. Multilingual Support: Videos can be provided with subtitles or translations, making catering to a diverse workforce with different language preferences easier.

7. Scalability: On-demand education can quickly scale to accommodate a growing workforce without a proportional increase in training resources.

8. Trackable Progress: Many on-demand platforms offer tracking features, allowing administrators to monitor staff members' progress and completion of educational modules.

9. Engagement: Well-produced videos with engaging content can capture and maintain staff members' attention, enhancing the learning experience.

10. Time Savings: On-demand education eliminates the need for synchronous training sessions, saving time for staff and administrators.

Implementing our on-demand education videos can contribute to a more efficient, consistent, and accessible training program for staff members.

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General Patient Education

Eliminate the monotony of repetitive training. Our on-demand educational videos provide an efficient and continuous professional development solution for your staff. With our platform, your team can access a diverse library of content at their convenience, eliminating the need for redundant face-to-face sessions. This saves time and ensures consistent and standardized training across the board. By adopting our platform, you'll enjoy the benefits of increased engagement, improved retention, and enhanced job satisfaction as your team stays up-to-date effortlessly. Elevate your staff training experience, because informed and motivated teams deliver exceptional care. So, make the shift to streamlined learning and watch your staff flourish.

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Educational & Counseling

Medicare pays for some screening services for its beneficiaries using billable codes. These screening codes are time-based with relatively low RVU values and may be:

Our videos increase efficiency and save money by completing more education for each of your patients. Our videos also increase the reputation of your practice when using our professional videos, which are:

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Standardizing Patient Education

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