Education & Counseling

Standardize Patient Education

Education and Counseling

Our billable Educational Videos help hospitals, primary care providers, and home health agencies screen and counsel for chronic conditions. We provide proprietary videos to increase each topic's visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. Learn how we help increase patient satisfaction and meet quality measures for HEDIS, REACH, and STAR programs.


Rental: $499/Month

Breakeven: 25 Patients/Month

Billable Patient Education & Counseling!

Educational & Counseling

Medicare pays for some screening services for its beneficiaries using billable codes. These screening codes are time-based with relatively low RVU values and may be:

Our videos increase efficiency and save money by completing more education for each of your patients. Our videos also increase the reputation of your practice when using our professional videos, which are:

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Standardizing Patient Education!

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