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Embark on a transformative journey in healthcare with our Mobile Testing Service, which heralds the return of a personalized touch to medical care — house calls are redefined for the modern era.

House Calls are Back

Our Mobile Testing services seamlessly integrates into your clinic's framework, providing an innovative approach to healthcare delivery. In collaboration with our esteemed partners, Diabetes Testing Centers™ (DTC) is dedicated to enhancing health outcomes for patients, caregivers, and clinicians alike. Our primary goal is to facilitate improved access to care and services, revolutionizing the healthcare experience.

In collaboration with medical providers, Diabetes Testing Centers™ (DTC) introduces an innovative approach that seamlessly integrates into your clinic, placing efficiency and patient-centricity at the forefront. As we embark on a mission to enhance health outcomes for patients, caregivers, and clinicians, our Mobile Testing Service offers quick, flexible, and accurate testing options, all within the convenience of patients' homes, nursing facilities, assisted living environments, or work sites. Embrace a new era in healthcare delivery, where accessibility meets precision, and the healthcare experience is truly reimagined.

Efficiency in Testing:

Our Mobile Testing service offers a quick and streamlined testing process, with each test taking only 3-5 minutes to complete. This efficiency ensures prompt results and optimizes the utilization of valuable clinic time.

Flexible Testing Locations:

One of the distinctive features of our Mobile Testing service is its flexibility in testing locations. Patients can conveniently undergo testing in the comfort of their homes, nursing facilities, assisted living environments, or work sites. This versatility in testing locations aims to accommodate patients' diverse needs and preferences, contributing to a more accessible and patient-centric healthcare model.

Portability and Convenience:

The modalities used in our Mobile Testing service are ultra-lightweight and portable. This feature ensures ease of use and convenience, allowing healthcare professionals to conduct tests with minimal logistical challenges. The portability aspect is especially beneficial for outreach programs, community health initiatives, or situations where mobility is crucial.

Regulatory Compliance and Accuracy:

Rest assured, our Mobile Testing modalities are FDA Cleared and clinically validated, meeting the highest standards for safety and accuracy. The rigorous testing and validation processes ensure reliable results and contribute to informed decision-making in patient care.

Our Mobile Testing service is not just a business solution; it's a strategic step toward improving healthcare accessibility and quality. By incorporating this service into your clinic, you embrace a patient-focused approach, providing efficient, flexible, and accurate testing solutions for better health outcomes.

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Mobile Testing Services

Diabetes Testing Centers™ (DTC) offers a mobile testing service that can be conveniently accessed from within your clinic. With the aim of enhancing the health outcomes of patients, caregivers, and clinicians, DTC and its manufacturing partners are dedicated to improving access to care and services. 

By bringing this service to your clinic, DTC aims to help patients receive timely and accurate diabetes testing, which can lead to better management of their condition and ultimately improve their overall health and wellbeing. With DTC's mobile testing service, patients can access the care they need in a convenient and comfortable environment, without having to worry about traveling to a separate location for their testing.

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