DTC MAX: 4 Devices (7 billing codes)

DTC MAX are four (4) individual and evidence-based FDA Cleared modalities that identify and measure the autonomic nervous system (ANS), diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), peripheral arterial disease (PAD), diabetic retinal exam (DRE), tilt table (optional)  and also includes:

Recommended for all HEDIS Clinics

Screening for Major Complications

4 Test with 7 Billing Codes

The DTC PRO are medical devices with the following: 

Features of the tests:

Below is a financial pro forma for a popular bundle:

Financial Pro Forma

Note: Does not include revenue from office visits.

1 DM Patient ≈ $500

$5K Day* (10 DM Patients x $500)

$110K Monthly ($5K x 22 Days)

$1.3 Million Yearly ($110K x 12 Months)

10 DM Patients ≈ 40 Standard Patients

Major Causes

Get Tested If

Competitive Advantages

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